Our 2018 Lititz Ghosts and Departed Spirits Tour

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2018 tour! All tickets were claimed by the public in one day!

Check out the video of the tour by clicking HERE. 

Below are the cast and characters that told their unique stories this year.

Donna Olah as Sabina Muecke, the last Single Sister to live in the Single Sisters House for many years after it became part of Linden Hall.IMG_2276

Barry Frey as Dr. Adolph Meyer, the town doctor who took over the Revolutionary War Hospital in the Brother’s House when the two military doctors became ill.


Jeff Gemmell as John Herbst, who survived a threat from pirates on his journey to America, became Bishop and composed many beautiful hymns.


Tom Wentzel and Bill Oehme, discussing the need for a night watchman in Lititz to guard against corpse snatchers.


Frank Comi as Andrew Noble, a drover who collapsed and died in a local tavern and was buried in St. James Cemetery.


Bill Oehme as Johan Erdmann Oehme, talked about his ancestor’s perilous journey to America and his spiritual experiences during his lifetime.


Lowell Wenger as John Fenstermacher, who was befriended by Count Zinzendorf , came to Lititz and ran the Congregational Store.


Elaine Stolp as Verona Kiesel, talked about her loss of four children from smallpox in a four week period in the spring of 1769.


Janet Smedley as Mary Penry, a single woman well known for writing many letters, presented a moving, spiritual experience of her life.


Mary Ann Richmond as Mammy Schroeter, tormented by the neighborhood kids who referred to her as “two – story Mammy.”


Thank you again–See you next year!



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