Historical interview: M.C. Demmy on the First High School Band in Lancaster County

We are proud to present the first in a series of historical audio interviews which were recorded several decades ago right here in Lititz.

Because they were recorded on audio cassettes, the quality may vary.

First up is an interview with beloved Lititz educator M.C. Demmy, who discusses the first high school band in Lancaster County.


From just after World War I through the mid-1950’s, Lititz schools were among the most progressive school districts in the country. During that time, Lititz fielded the first high school band in the county, the first special education program, home economics curriculum, and industrial arts concentration. The town’s very first athletic field was opened and the first school cafeteria was started in the newly expanded school during this time. In 1935, Lititz would form one of the first community public libraries in Lancaster County. The guiding force behind all of this was Professor M. C. Demmy, Supervising Principal of the Lititz School District from 1922 through 1951. For 29 of his 47 years as an educator, he would serve the community, as well as the countless students of Lititz.

Read more about Demmy here.

Click on the link below to stream the program, which is approx. 17 minutes in length.

MC Demmy – The First High School Band in Lancaster County

M.C. Demmy. Photo via Library of Congress.




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