Annual Meeting November 10th to Focus on Caves of Lancaster County, PA

Join us for our annual meeting at the Lititz Library on November 10th!

After a few brief items of business, we will welcome special guest speaker Clifford Zeller, who will present the program “Caves of Lancaster County, PA.”

He has been teaching since 2002 and have worked with homeschool groups (co-ops) for the past 15 years, teaching science, math, and history.

He started making YouTube videos during the summer of 2015. Since then, he’s enjoyed showing people the history and nature that is found in their own ‘backyard’ (Pennsylvania). You don’t have to travel to far away places to see cool history or fascinating nature. So far, he has produced over 400 videos and has earned over 6,000  subscribers to his YouTube channel.

From caving to hiking to haunted places and fossils and everything in between, Zeller will bring his vast knowledge of Penn’s Woods to Lititz on November 10th.

The program is free and open to the public, and will begin at 1:30 p.m. The Lititz Library is located at 651 Kissel Hill Road, Lititz.

Check out his YouTube channel HERE.

Check out his Facebook page HERE.




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