Book A Walking Tour of Historic Main Street


Through personal stories and beautiful architecture, Lititz, Pennsylvania’s heritage and unique past will come alive as you travel from one end of historic Main Street to the other, learning about over 25 historic structures along the way, many of which date back to the 1700s. What exactly is a Moravian? You’ll also learn the answer to this question as well as many other fascinating facts about the town, which was founded in 1756. Just some of the many places you will see during the 45-minute tour include:

-America’s first commercial pretzel bakery

-Lancaster County’s first pharmacy

-The location of Lititz’s first bank

-A Revolutionary War Hospital


The 1700s Congregatinal Store is just one of the many stops on the tour!
See and learn about Lancaster County’s first pharmacy
The majestic Mary Dixon Chapel is also featured on the tour