Historical Highlights of Lititz

From the pages of our historical Lititz newsletter

Lititz, Pretzel Town, USA

This article, originally from our Spring 2000 newsletter, discusses the history of the pretzel, its ties to Lititz, Pennsylvania, and how and why this industry especially flourished in the local area.

Clothing Manufacturers of Lititz

Lititz has always been a very diverse manufacturing community. In this article, from our Fall 2000 newsletter, read about many of these early businesses that helped shape the town.

The Silk Stocking Murder

One of the biggest crimes of its time to hit our area was the silk stocking murder. While in a drunken rage, Lititz resident Earl Steely strangled Lucille Smith with her silk stocking along Segloch Road, approximately seven miles from Lititz. This article originally appeared in our Summer 2000 newsletter.

The Furnace Hills

Did you know that a land-locked sea – complete with beach pebbles –  was once situated northeast of Lititz? Check out the full history of The Furnace Hills by reading our story below which originally appeared in our Spring, 1999 newsletter.

Lititz Is Off Its Trolley

In February of 1890, a group of citizens in Lititz met and agreed to build an electric railroad connecting Lancaster to Lititz. Check out the full story below, which originally appeared in our Summer, 1999 newsletter.

Antique Apples

What is the only apple native to Lancaster County? Find out that answer, as well as many other interesting facts about apples, by checking out the article below, which originally appeared in our Fall, 1999 newsletter.